CCA - Stoneware from Portugal


Founded in 1996 CCA – Cerâmica Culinária e Alimentar, SA is a Portuguese company dedicated to the manufacture of stoneware ceramics for utilitarian purposes (home, domestic and hotel) and also for the packaging market, (typical regional products, deep-frozen and cooked dishes). 90% of our production is for the international market, mainly Europe.

It has as its MISSION, to offer ceramic solutions, for both the utilities and packaging markets.

The VISIONto be recognised as a company that combines quality and usefulness of its products in a flexible and sustainable way..


Commitment, responsibility, dedication and respect for the environment.

what sets us apart

  • We develop reactive glasses that after fusion at high temperature result in a unique reaction giving the piece an exclusive and charming touch.
  • The client can customise the piece and/or create it from scratch.
  • We have flexibility in the quantity of each produced piece.
  • Low porosity.


Our products follow the highest quality standards with high mechanical strength and high thermal shock resistance.  Our production ensures a low porosity product with respect for cadmium and lead levels and suitable use directly from the freezer to the oven or microwave. All our products are dishwasher safe. 

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